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January 22-24th

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Are You Ready to Live a Joyful and Fulfilling Life?

If so, then you need to meet Ellen Peterson,
The Joy Therapist!

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Ellen Peterson owns Avenues Counseling Center, in Ithaca New York which is located amidst the beautiful Finger Lakes, As a Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Self Help Author, Ellen Peterson has touched and transformed many people’s lives. Her award winning books Abundance for Beginners: Simple Strategies for Successful Living and Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance: Practical Tools for Manifesting your Desires, were published in multiple languages and have changed many lives around the world. . Isn’t it time to let go of living your life at a minimum, and gain the necessary insights and tools to create the life you deserve?! Ellen Peterson will help you to become more consciously aware of your patterns and help you to unlock the doors of happiness, success, and life fulfillment.  

Ellen Peterson offers various techniques to transform your life:

  • Individual and Couples Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy and Breath-work
  • Intuitive Healing for the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
  • Powerful Personal Development Programs 
  • Guided Visualization Meditations

Whether you choose to read her books,
schedule a session or  
attend a personal growth program,
Your Life is about to Positively Change

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