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transformatEmbracing Change

October 19-21, 2018
White Eagle Conference Center
The Grove
Hamilton, New York

Change is inevitable. Are you like most people who feel nervous or
overwhelmed when life throws its unexpected curveball? Change can affect
people differently. Some people look forward to change, and therefore
welcome times of transition. Most others, however, fear change and prefer
the comfort zone of the known and the familiar. Life is always changing as
typically observed in the change of the seasons, and in watching children
grow up. Home changes. Work changes. Life changes. Whether you face
changes in your family through divorce or separation or young adults leaving
for college, or changes in your job/career such as going back to school or
approaching retirement, it is time to look at how you either resist or
embrace change. Learn to take the risks necessary to create the life you

This powerful personal growth weekend will:

  • Explore your fear of change
  • Dissolve negative and fearful reactions to change
  • Develop your trust in yourself, as well as in life.
  • Improve your attitude and the way in which you look at your life
  • Develop a positive approach to life and its multitude of changes
  • Open you to greater abundance in your living



Tuition for Embracing Change: $375 or
$336 for Early Bird Registration by September 15, 2018.
Workshops meals and lodging: $185


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