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Enriching Your Life Personal Growth Programs

Have you ever wanted to get away for a weekend and do something really good for yourself? Not just anything, something bigger….something that would allow your life to become something more, something greater? Have you ever wanted to experience something so wonderful and powerful that it would forever leave an imprint on your heart?

Join Ellen Peterson for a magical weekend of emotional healing and transformation.

Although, each weekend offers a different topic, the fun-loving, supportive and powerful healing process is always extra-ordinary! Laugh and experience joy in your life again! Release the negative feelings, old belief patterns and self-defeating dialogue that feeds depression, anxiety and physical ailments. Open instead to discovering your true authentic self and your life purpose. Experience a weekend of happiness, healing and transformation. Discover the magic of living! Ellen Peterson’s Personal Growth Programs will enrich your living by providing a safe and confidential atmosphere to explore and discover…..Read the testimonials and see why so many people come again and again!

Enrich your Life today!
And see how amazing your life becomes…


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Physical concerns Health and Vitality
Emotional trauma Emotional well-being
Grief Success
Depression Joyful Living
Relationship Issues Loving Relationships
Anxiety Abundance
Interpersonal conflicts Happiness
Your dreams into Reality Life fulfillment


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